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Cincy Fire Engines

Northern Kentucky 
Technical Rescue Team

The team originated in 1995 with the Erlanger Fire Department, and Point Pleasant Fire Departments, but has now grown to encompass multiple agencies throughout Northern Kentucky.  The team responds to incidents including Confined Space Rescue, High & Low Angle Rope Rescue, Ice Rescue, Large Animal Rescue, Large/Multi-Vehicle Accident, Light Building/Structural Collapse, Lost/Missing Persons, Swift Water and Trench Rescue.  Each member agency contributes personnel with some also contributing apparatus, with the primary response apparatus listed below.  The team has grown significantly in scope and activity in the past couple of years, and continues to  evolve to meet the challenges provided by the growth of Northern Kentucky.

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Rescue 74 - 2003 Spartan / Summit (Heavy Rescue)

- Quartered at Erlanger Station 1

Rescue 1374 - 2010 Ford / Summit (Heavy Rescue)

- Quartered at Point Pleasant

Rescue 1 - 1997 Spartan / Hackney (Heavy Rescue)

- Quartered at Covington Station 1

Rescue 120 - 2009 Spartan / Summit (Heavy Rescue)

- Quartered at Alexandria

Utility 135 - 2008 Chevrolet Silverado

- Quartered at Alexandria

Unit 131 - 2007 Polaris (100 Gallon Tank / 5 Foam)

- Quartered at Alexandria

Utility 368 - 2008 Ford F-250

- Quartered at Hebron Station 2

Trailer - Swift Water Rescue

- Quartered at Hebron Station 2
- Photo courtesy Hebron Fire Department

Current Apparatus

Team Members:

Alexandria Fire Dept
Covington Fire Dept
Erlanger Fire Dept
Hebron Fire Dept
Point Pleasant Fire Dept
Union Fire Dept
Walton Fire Dept
Boone Cty Emrg Mgmt
Campbell Cty Emerg Mgmt
Kenton Cty Emerg Mgmt
NKY Horse Network
Sanitation District #1