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Cincy Fire Engines

Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky
International Airport (CVG) Fire Department

Hebron, KY 41048

This professional department is responsible for aircraft response, EMS and structural fire protection at the airport.  The department currently operates out of two stations.  The airport has become a logistics hub over the last several years with DHL and Amazon Prime adding large facilities.  A third fire station is in the planning phase.

Station 1 (South Station)

Hebron, KY 41048

Roster: CFR 968, CFR 969, CFR 971, CFR (RI) 966, E952, L960, SQ965, DU2, CMD 998

Apparatus / Station Photos

Station 2 (North Station)

Hebron, KY 41048

Roster: CFR 970, CFR 972, CFR (RI) 967, R951, SQ963, SQ964, Unit 999

Apparatus / Station Photos

Current Stations
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03/15 - A new Ford / Braun ambulance was received for Squad 964.  The 2006 Ford / Braun was  renumbered as Squad 963.

10/14 - A new Oshkosh Global Striker went into service with CFR 968.  The 2001 Oshkosh previously assigned to CFR 968 has been retired.

11/12 - The airport has taken delivery of a new E-One quint for Ladder 960.

08/11 - The airport has received a new Summit trailer with 3 Polaris 6x6 ATV's and 3 R.E.D. Wagons - Rapid Evacuation & Deployment.

06//09 - The airport took delivery of a new Spartan / Ferrara pumper truck for Engine 974.

Video of airport conducting live fire training